What does a person need to feel completely secure and at the same time be able not to work? World statistics show that having assets worth $ 2.27 million will be enough for a person.

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However, a lot of people completely disagree with such data. “I know those who make $ 250,000 to $ 500,000 and feel poor, and others who make $ 70,000 and feel rich,” says Tara Unversagt, a certified financial analyst. In addition, she points to research showing that around $ 70,000 is optimal for emotional well-being, and $ 95,000 is ideal for a positive outlook on life, including achieving long-term goals.
There is another story as well. Let’s say you got those same more than two million dollars. And your friends have even more. In this case, it will seem to you that you are not so well off. In addition, today, when the number of billionaires in the world has increased significantly, many feel that having only millions is nothing, and to some extent it is true.
However, the original purpose of wealth creation is to generate more and more income. And the more you earn, the more options, flexibility, and opportunities you have. When someone has significant financial resources, they have choices that were not available before. For example, how to work, when to work, what kind of work to do, where to live. How to properly spend your time.
“The presence of the aforementioned amount just can provide a person with life anywhere in the world, and at the same time feel comfortable. Of course, if this money is used wisely, ”analysts say.